Monday, August 29, 2016

Don’t let him go..

Don’t let him go., her heart said.. Don’t let him go, the heartbeat echoed. Don’t let him go said her courage and her tears reverberate the same.
How often in life do you stumble across people or things that you don’t want to let go of? There might be moments; like when you get your 1st Barbie. Or your first result or recitations, such moments are stuck with you in your heart, etched in your memory forever. You don’t want to pass out of school and miss your friends. Further ahead in time, you don’t want to let go of the fun carefree college life.
Similarly you find people in life you don’t want to let go of. Your parents, your favourite cousin. He can be a brother from another mother or your best friend who knows all your secrets. An arch enemy who makes your life fun is equally memorable and required. And of course, the innumerable people you have a crush on.
You move on with everything, you get up after losing everyone. Your best friend gets married to her childhood sweetheart and gets a new life.
Your best friend gets busy in his business and gets busy. Your boyfriend doesn’t want you to go for further studies and you have to take a tough call on the same.
Life moves on, you learn to let go, learn to live in absence. Learn to accept.
However, there are some people in life you don’t want to let go of. Some people who are worth every damn effort you need to keep them together. People who deserve every chance that you are capable of giving. Every single smile or tear spent for them.
However, do not mistake this as your weakness. In fact, it’s the most powerful you will ever be. Because it teaches you resilience, teaches you to leave your ego aside and be ready to put your needs secondary to someone. It teaches you to be humble. It teaches you to be strong and gives you the strength to stand up to what your heart says. And nothing else will give you that strength except for pure love. Love for your friends, for your life, for your parents. Love for people who make your smile worthwhile, who make you feel valued, who make their world revolve around yours.

Step forward, make a move, ask the questions. Don’t sit back because it’s easy, don’t wait until it passes. Don’t leave it thinking it wasn’t meant to be..

So, don’t let him go. Not when you know your love is strong enough. Not when you know he is worth enough. Not when you know you can stand up for it. 

Don’t let him go. Not without a fight at least..!!