Thursday, December 12, 2013

Change is the only constant in life..

However clichéd the statement may sound, it is after all the ultimate truth of life.

You grow up, move on. Take Risks which either fail or become successes. Trust people, get betrayed or treated well. Friends fall behind, enemies get tired. And the list goes on..

Still, there are things and people in life that you stick to. Things which become a part of you. People you don't want to let go. Who gradually become a constant. As constant as you or your life.

But the process of permanency of the variables is lengthy and painful. It may take patience, fights, pains (emotional and/or physical), time and what not.

Doing yoga every morning, or your sweetheart you decide to marry. Eating habits or sleeping trends. TV shows or playing Sudoku.
Every constant is a result of serious thought and effort. But then what if You're not that confident or strong enough to make that effort or to think it through. What if every time a glitch appears, you run away, you go into hiding to come out after the storm has past..

You realize in the end that you have lost everything or everyone. That the storm took away everyone you loved or cherished and left you again with nothing but loneliness.

Eventually the constants in your life are: Emptiness, the chaos in your heart, the habit of "not thinking" and of course.. Change..

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