Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Scary World out there..

Life goes on.. With its ups and downs.. We rise and we fall. Every topsy-turvy scares us a little.

Fear is something we live with, at every moment of life. From your first shrill cry to your very last breath, every step is associated with fear. Every change begins with the possibility and presence of fear.

Yes I am scared today. Scared of how it went. Scared of my current situation and myself. I am scared I might have lost the spark in myself. Scared that I might have given up. Scared that I may not get up this time.

I am also scared of tomorrow. Of how I would not be able to live up to expectations. Scared I might never achieve my goals. Scared that the world might not change. Or worse it will change and I may not be able to cope up.

Fear.. has become more of a companion now, than something to be scared of..

But this fear, also creates will.. This fear creates strength. To get up, to fight again, to not let go..

Fear is what brings out the worst in people.. But it also brings out the best. 

It brings out the real you..

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