Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Cinderella Story...

We Fall in love, more often than not, more than once in a lifetime.. Or atleast once.

Especially we girls. We keep looking for LOVE throughout, on every nook and corner. And why shouldn't we?

Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Alladin; all these stories--oops, fairy Tales-- have trained us to be prepared. Where we saw that the Prince Charming - tall, dark and handsome, would come one day fighting all odds to sweep us off our feet.
                                As we grow, we learn to adjust with the reality. Although there is just a slight change. Reality, per se, says that the school's most handsome guy, falls only and only for the prettiest gal. So, in other words, the Football team captain is reserved for the Cheer-Leading captain. Or the Prom Queen has Mr. Fresher. And even if Mr. Fresher is a little down to earth and prefers a simpler intellectual chick, Bollywood and Hollywood make sure that the chick is sexy enough for THE soon-to-be makeover.

So that leaves me or girls like me. who may not be the prettiest or most sexy or highly intellectual ones around. We are average gals left for backstage.
So even though I like a guy for his broken tooth, he wont like me because of my fat legs.
Or if I like a tall & dark one (forgetting that he is not handsome or even close), he wont like me because I am not his type. Strange enough though, as I go and loose around 11kgs, bingo I am now his girl.

But am I really that? I looked and felt good shedding those extra kilos, but was he really worth it?

So I Wonder what my story will be like?
                              I don't want a tall & handsome guy on a white horse. I just want a guy who is not ashamed to stand with me.
                                        I don't want him to wait for me to shed weight to accept me. I want him to accept me right away. Maybe I would loose later on for him.
                                       I don't want a Cinderella Story with non-existing magical fairies. I don't want to be Rapunzel with magical hair. I don't want to be Snow White who eats a poisonous apple yet doesn't die.
I have had my share of MADE UP fairy tales in school plays. I have felt the emotion of being Snow White. The silk gowns and the prince's kiss is indeed sweet nectar.

But what is sweeter is when my boyfriend kisses me and tells me how much he loves me. What I adore more is when one moment he encourages me to exercise to be in shape and the next second he gets me a chocolate pastry. What I want more is to build our own castle together. Where we can go into seclusion from the ruthless reality and stay quiet in each other's arms.

That would be My Cinderella story...

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