Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Remember...

I am tired, but I can't  sleep. Its like my eyes want to shut down, but my heart is telling a different story altogether.
And suddenly I remember, What I used to do when I faced situations like these at home. When I used to text my neighborhood friends, and I knew there was a guarantee of some sort that they would reply.

In other situations, I remember, whenever I wanted to meet my guy friends, they would cover up for me. And trust me, they were so superbly good at it by the end that even if I didn't inform them, they knew how to make things up.

Both live right behind my home, and I remember how our balcony chats were famous throughout the street.

Our secret disc outings or the terrace New Year Parties, everything was simply awesome.

I remember how every time I stepped out of my place, my dress had to be approved by them.

I remember how in the Gym we used to corner each other one by one, teasing on some smart guy in the gym, trying our best to make each other blush right out.

I remember how after aerobics, we used to sweat out and also throw some abuses towards our dear Trainer.

I remember how they reacted to my first kiss (Believe me, I still remember them gawking at me, ready to pounce upon and kill me)

I also remember their killing looks when I went for movies with them and instead of watching the movie, talked to other people using their bloody cellphones.

I remember how Badminton became the foundation of our friendship. I remember how we made all these plans which never materialized.

I remember everything I can, And will remember you every moment of my life.

Thank you so much for being there for me...

P.S. I know you both will be getting married soon. Please can we have a nice and sexy Bachelorette Party????


  1. Wow...awesome..i loved it...
    evrythng..rite 4m ur dress approvel to gym mein mera smarty...i still remember the reaction on ur first kiss..heheh..and badminton n all...
    thnx 4 being u