Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Flower..

As much as I love fiction, I have never been good at fabricating it. I get mesmerized by what people write but my writing is void of any form of imagination whatsoever. Thus, whatever I write seems normal when I re-read it. But then I write from my life. I try to fit in every important piece of my life into my writing, and that's why it remains non fancy.. Just plain, simple, vanilla.

Last week, I left Ahmedabad in hope of another such normal weekend in Bombay (sue me but it'll always remain Bombay for me). I was to meet my Bhaiya & Bhabhi visiting from the US. I knew they were cool but then what "out-of-line" fun would a person living in a dry state expect from an elder brother & sister-in-law.

But somehow, it turned out to be the most wonderful weekend I had in the last few months. And thanks to both of them, it turned a new leaf in my life.

In those few days, they taught me how a person can rise to great heights despite the gravest falls. All you need, is to stand up again. They taught me how I was holding onto life too hard, expecting so much out of everything I do. They taught me to remember to give to the world and the universe will always give back. I used to laugh on the way he tipped at the hotel, but his logic made me think back on my values.
We hail from the land where spirituality is traded for money and their idea of peace is so wonderful and easily achievable that those 3 days, I did not feel the urge to touch my cell-phone even once.
We didn't go out clubbing, we did not visit shrines. The hotel room was solace & nothing else.. Their idea of giving best at work, spending time with family, appreciating each other, living life is so divine that I could not keep myself from blending into their colors.

He said one thing to me, "Remember the flower did not worry about attracting the bee. It concentrated on itself and just bloomed and the bee was attracted to it. Be the amazing flower that I know you are. Love you. Stay awesome & bloom."

And I know, wherever I go, this will go with me.. Being the flower.
Me. Plain and simple..

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