Saturday, January 30, 2016


Habits are hard to let go. These can be small & harmless ones like getting up late or not missing your gym. Or worse, ones like smoking or working late nights.
They become such an integral part of your system, your routine or your existence, that even a single deviation in the path makes you feel strange.

The presence of somebody in your life, might also be another one of these dangerous habits. You get used to them being a part of your life cycle. Their existence is like a given. You fight with them, scream at them, love them, hate them. Yet you never realize that you might be taking them for granted. Or you might get so used to them, that even the idea of them not being a part of your life doesn't cross your mind

Habits are very hard to be broken. It gets very difficult to look at the other perspective and gather the courage and willingness to step up & break the monotony, the routine. You might want to get up early, but the insomnia doesn't let you sleep at night. You might want to quit smoking, but your body craves for it, your hand moves into the pocket, you need one to aid your digestive system in the least. You can even bet on breaking the habit of not making fun of your friends, but you let it go just because you have to make fun of the girl he's dating (Love Chandler but can't forget Elizabeth Hornswaggle in FRIENDS)

 Getting out of people is harder, for they form a part of you. From maybe just calling to wake you up to not being able to sleep without spooning them. From a booty call to a long distance relationship. From sleeping while holding your girlfriend's hands, to sleeping on your mother's lap. Each one of these habits is like normalcy, and a single blip in the life cycle graph shakes you to the core.
Not always can you bring the graph back to where it was, not always do you want to. Sometimes, there's actually a need of that variation. To make you realize that it is more than just a habit. Its your anchor, your safe zone. It can be both your normalcy or your complacency. All you have to do is place them in the right buckets.

Because, some habits die hard. Some habits have to be killed to be sane in this world. But then there are some habits, that always remain..

You are like a habit to me.. If I remove "H" a bit remains, I remove "a" and bit remains, I remove "b", hell, it still remains..

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  1. Wah re wah... IT still remains.....