Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Beginning...

My first blog comes from some management subject in a Tiered Classroom of my PGDM course. My Profy talks rapidly about something called "Scope Creep" which goes OHT (Over Head Transmission) with my state being more than sleepy. However when he related it to New Year  Resolutions, I could understand and thought about which ones of mine I could not even start.

Writing a blog- a resolution that has been recurring since half a decade, with the oldest being exercising, but could not be fulfilled.

But now I am clueless about what to write. How actually to go about it? Its not New Year's Eve, Its not Valentine, neither Diwali nor a stock index fluctuation.

However, it seems like a New Year for me. A new beginning where I commit to myself to write regularly, to be update and maybe someday start that exercise too.

Of course, who doesn't like being "Beauty with Brains."


  1. Beauty with brains!! :P
    This blog entry is indeed interesting.. :) Super like!!
    Keep filling up this space..Keep writing.theres just so much honesty in your writing..<3
    Plus you're a good writer, wonder why you'r not confident about it. I totally loved it. :)

  2. j'adore!!!!
    i so absolutely love it! i want more, can't wait!don't ever feel demotivated and discouraged.. this space is going to be buzzing with life and colors pretty soon.. i can feel it..
    congrats and luck!!

  3. Dear "diva"
    well writers never wait for diwali or occasions...
    but I am glad u started writing.
    expecting a variety of posts from you.
    feel free to contact me when seeking guidance.