Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Water Water Everywhere... Not a Drop to Drink...

This statement comes back to me whenever I see any clothes that wont fit me. Whenever I see a Slim girl wearing an awesome dress that  I can only dream of wearing in a Plus Size. Whenever I see a girl with an awesome pair of legs that look more awesome in the skirt she is wearing.

I may say: Iam what I am.
I may say: Yes, I am Fat & I accept that.
Or the most cliche'd : I Love myself, Whatever I am

But then, at the end of the day, I am a GIRL...

A Lady at the end, who still has aspirations and desires. One of which is being ADMIRED...

Some of us (girls) say: I want a Man who appreciates my brains instead of my body.
But-- don't praise her looks one day & her self-confidence takes a hit-- BOOOOMMM...!!!!!  <and even may be your face>

So, which of my aspirations should I follow??
  • My Career OR
  • My Personal Goals

Following one of them, hits the balance in other. Is specialization in one of them necessary? Can't We balance both & be what we like to be?

Aren't we promoting either extremes?
Why the initial assumption:: A girl will either be sexy or smart. Both in a package is not possible.

Its time we girls break the Status-Quo and prove the null hypothesis wrong. 
Its time for the new generation to 



  1. nice one...
    bt havnt u learnt in OB to align yr personal and carrier goals???
    do u wanna say that its not possible to find a girl who is sexy and smart at d same time???
    waise gud dat u know d truth!!! lolz...

  2. waise... Now that i have read it.. and reminded you that i exist too... dont you think you should edit the article... lolzz... you completely forgot me while writing it!! :P