Sunday, July 24, 2011

Words cannot Describe it in entirety..

What is a Girl's Deepest Desire??
  • A loving Boyfriend or Husband?
  • A Dream Wedding
  • Higher Education or Successful Career?
  • Shopping??
  • A Castle with servants running around her?
  • Or being treated as a Princess??
                   Maybe each one of them is important.. Maybe none.

But there is something that is far more valuable and desirable. Something that has no description, no bounds, no words to explain. 
Something that is as much special as it is a part of our existence.

Sisterhood: a relationship that can not just make Cindrella smile as well as bring her to tears at the same time.

Every girl wants a group of GAL friends she can spend her time with. Someone in whose presence she can not only bare her heart and her soul, but also her body <while we try one dress after another to decide what to wear for the night or what to buy>

Someone who gives us a shoulder to cry & also reprimands us on our foolishness, yet stands by our side day & night

Someone who not only shares our joys, sorrows, and also manages with us work and shopping.

Someone who gives us ready tips on guys, relationship issues and SEX
Someone who sets us up on a blind date & also kicks our butt when we start grieving on broken hearts.

Someone who not only enjoys a cuppa latte with you, but also vodka shots, cocktails and pints of beer while all of us get high together... and still manage to arrange lemons in the end.

Someone with whom we can sit in candles & romantic music during typical girly night-overs & drink, abuse, eat and talk about anything & everything under the sun. 

          Sitting in typical girly nighties, not worrying about the bared legs or the exposed     cleavage or wearing pyjamas.

Sex, Food, guys, relationships, family; past, present or future. Even the Ugly Naked Guy down the other building <like Rachel, Monica and Phoebe in Friends>

        Or sitting in a salon for our pedicures or spas together reading Femina or Cosmo & whimpering about all the dresses we could not wear at the pub that night.

Or maybe a long Drive, drenched in the rain, without worrying about the car interiors.

Cooking Pasta for each other or Baking Cakes. Making lemonade or Martini.

Sharing books, novels, sharing clothes, accessories, bags, insights about new lingerie or the new mall in town...


Most importantly, sharing life.. Sharing yourself...

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